Tuesday, February 08, 2005

If you like the Simpsons - you may like this

If you have ever watched a film with the DVD commentary playing, you may sometimes wish that you hadn't. Why? Because sometimes it feels like you are spoiling the magic. Perhaps it is better to just enjoy the film and not know what the director thought you were enjoying. An exception for me would be the brilliant (separate) commentary tracks by Ron Howard and Jim Lovell on one of my favorite films, Apollo 13, which for me enhance the film rather than look under the skirts to find the tricks. However, as a Simpsons fan I'm not sure that I really wanted to see this clip of some of the cast doing their characters in the flesh.

But if you want to see who Mr Burns, Homer, Crusty the Clown and many others really are .. then Click Here

Update: If you want more, here is a 20 minute Simpsons documentary exposing all the rest of the cast. Click here
http://gorillamask.net/out.php?gmurl=http://users.skynet.be/roumen/simpsons.wmv for the naked truth.

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