Sunday, February 21, 2010

Guitar Hero

I was just browsing YouTube when I came upon this film of my friend Damon. He works for Fender and funnily enough he does pretty much the same job as me except he demonstrates and explains guitars while I do the same for social and collaborative software. On the one hand this makes him way cooler than me but then I work more sociable hours and get a better company car.

Damon, or Bass Elf as we called him, used to play in my band Sideburner. Obviously we were somewhat under utilising his skillz by forcing him to play the fat strings but Lightning Tom was already lead guitarist so that was the only job left. Here is any example of our ragged magnificence.

So if you enjoy guitar, are interested in the Fender Stratocaster (particularly the '79 hardtail) or just like watching short people over compensate then spend 5 minutes in the company of Damon presenting his extraordinary abilities whilst also showing off outrageously. As he should.