About Mr Ports

Mr Ports is currently working as a Senior Technology Advocate in IBM Lotus Software where he is a leading expert in Messaging, Collaboration, Unified Communications and Enterprise Social Networking.

Previous roles have included software development, systems programming, technical support, installation, strategy definition, systems management, account management, escalations support, critical situation management, team leadership, cross brand competitive leadership and technical pre-sales.

Mr Ports has worked with customers in numerous sectors including public sector, SMB, travel, manufacturing, defence, finance, insurance, heath, retail, media, legal, utilities, systems integrators and business partners.

Mr Ports is particularly interested in working with customers to maximize their success by realizing the potential of their people through collaboration, communication and social technologies and mining the collective wisdom of organisations for more accurate and effective decision making. 

He also likes having a laugh. He is married to the lovely Ali and has one daughter and two ungrateful cats called Barney and Boo.

This is me doing the day job - presenting geeky stuff about collaboration

This is Mr Ports' family

Don't mess with me or I'll shoot you (not really)

This is me and my best friend Matt

I'm a twin. This is my sister and I when we were small

This is my little daughter when she was small

I used to be a Cub Scout. I'm the chap on the right (Ian Atkin is on the left - thx for the picture mate)

I have also been in a couple of beat combos. This was my first real band, Crazy Uncle. We were the cream of East Yorkshire (in my head)


This is my current band, Sideburner. Although we haven't played live for a little while.