Friday, January 28, 2005

What's wrong with English?

So, in order to post a comment on my friend Tony Cocks' Web Log I have to create one myself do I? Well if I must. But why oh why must the community insist on calling it "Blogging"? It's such a silly, lazy and contrived verb. So on here I will be hosting a web log. And rather than "blogging" about topics, I will be "writing" about them. You may recall being taught about "writing" when you were at school. When you were about 4 years old. The Internet may be a relatively new medium but it's not a new language. And the supreme irony for me is that the spell checker on where this web log is hosted doesn't understand "blogging" and suggests flogging as the correct spelling. Well if I was Robert Kilroy-Silk I would probably say that flogging isn't good enough for these bloggers. (please don't think I agree with anything that Kilroy says - it's a joke :-)

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