Thursday, May 26, 2005

Ali and I are getting Divorced!

Or so I have been told. We were wondering why it is that we applied for a mortgage to buy the house we are renting, but the lender hasn't been in touch to arrange for a "lender valuation". This has to happen to ensure that they are happy to lend you the given amount. Any delay to the purchase of our house could incur additional cost and pain so we really didn't need this. So I took things into my own hands and rang the surveying company and it turns out they had never heard of us and had no instructions from our mortgage company.

Obviously I was a tad perturbed. I contacted our financial adviser who had sorted out our mortgage and told him to find out what was going on. Due respect to him, he managed to get to the bottom of the problem in less than an hour. Here is his explanation; "The problem was that they thought it was an "add and remove" - in other words a divorce case where one of you was moving out. They assumed this because the address was remaining the same. I have sorted this now and it will be instructed asap.". So that is a three or four week delay because they didn't bother to ask us. Anyone who has worked in customer support knows that making assumptions makes an ASS of U and ME.


Anonymous said...

Come on and shame the idiots!


Mr Ports said...

You can't make it up - it was Intelligent Finance (IF).