Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Goodbye 2005 and Welcome 2006

So the festive season is now over and we are glad to be back at work right? So what have I learned?

Christmas in London for the first time was a roaring success. Stew and Pink sure know how to throw a party.
Unlike previous years, following hints from my family, I made a Christmas list. I got loads of presents that I want! I think there may be a connection.
Thanks to the kittens, for the first time ever we didn't put up a Christmas Tree. Mixing Barney and Boo's love of climbing and general mischief with a pointy green thing with dangly bits seemed a bit stupid.
The new series of Doctor Who is cracking and the Christmas Invasion episode was the only decent thing on TV over Christmas. Great story, great acting, amazing special effects and not a bad new Doctor!
27th of December was exactly 6 months since I stopped smoking. Been tempted a couple of times but happily I've stuck with it.
First trip to a Korean restaurant with Marcus and Ellen. Not in Korea obviously. It was in Staines. Excellent food and service.
Tube Workers. What a load of greedy kill joys for striking (over nothing) on New Years Eve while their smug git of a union leader was on holiday in Egypt.
New Year Eve with Tom and Neil was lovely
The fourth Harry Potter film is the best by miles. At one point Daniel Radcliff almost started acting which was quite a shock.

So a very Happy New Year to y'all - bring it on 2006!


Anonymous said...


My dear Ports, the correct attribute is "gray" with an 'a'... and the word is 'color', heh heh!

Strictly speaking these American chappies don't know how to spell half of their words (they also use the 'grey' spelling... and sometimes go as far as 'theatre' and 'centre') but it's common practice to adhere to Webster's, Merriam et al., and they say it's spelled with an 'a'.

The (in my opinion, worst) thing about HTML is that it's usually forgiving, but when it's not, it's often in the most surprising and disturbing ways. So when a color (ahem!) colour attribute is not recognized, the whole world turns upside down and whatever you have is interpreted as hexa-wotsit, or as best can be...

Anonymous said...

...oops! Almost forgot...

Firefox renders correctly because the kind folks who crafted this fine browser seemingly went above and beyond and realized that both spellings are mostly valid.

Which is odd given their almost anal adherence to the W3C Recommendations, which only list 16 colors and no alternate names. These colors are known as SRGB and were defined in 1996 as the "Standard Default Color Space for the Internet" — using them might make your page look something like the BBC Model 'B' on a really good day. :)

Microsoft went all loony at some point between 1997 and 1999 and defined 143 color names... still using the 'gray' spelling.

But I'm boring your pants off now... I shall go! :)