Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine's Day

I'm not really a fan of the days that Cards companies dictate should be days for sending cards. Aside from Birthdays and Christmas there are Mother's day and Father's day. Then there are all the religions and national ones; Easter, Passover, Jewish New Year, Chinese New Year, Diwali, Eid etc. Then there are the bonkers ones. Brother's Day. Sister's day. Nurse's day! There's even Boss' Day!. I really like Brian my Boss but he better not be getting his hopes up.

Anyway - since this is obviously such a con I tend to ignore these marketing exercises and send cards/flowers when I feel the urge and not when I am told to by Hallmark or Clinton cards. Of course I completely ignore this rule when it comes to Valentine's day. It would be a braver man than me who tried to explain the lack flowers and chocolates regardless of how logical and coherent my argument is. So the 12 red roses were dispatched to Ali's work. However, rather controversially, we didn't go for the standard romantic meal in the evening. Instead we went to our regular Tuesday Pub Quiz in The Ship with Bren and Dawn. They give us free sandwiches but we had to buy our own crisps. The fact that we came first and won 8 pints of beer softened the blow quite a lot. I think we were helped by getting 39 out of 40 in the final music round where we had to identify song titles and artists from intro. We dropped one point because I can never remember that "Mrs Jones" is by Counting Crows. Dunno why.


Anonymous said...

Best day on the calendar

(not safe for work...of course)

- Ben

Anonymous said...

btw, it's Mr. Jones...