Friday, April 14, 2006

The Sisters of Mercy

The Sisters are a band that have been worshipped and ridiculed in equal part over their 25 years history. Variously described as gothic miserablists and a shimmering industrial groove machine. I am fortunate to fall in the camp that can fully understand how preposterous they are and yet love them all the more for it. Any band that enlists bonkers Bat out of Hell producer Jim Steinman to produce their some of their singles (This Corrosion, More, Dominion) have to have a thick vein of humour running through their work. Likewise when band leader Andrew Eldritch enlisted the much derided Tony James to join after he had masterminded the heroically bad Sigue Sigue Sputnik. But beyond all that, the music is the thing. Mixing heavy metal, psychedelia and dark brooding dance beats the tunes rock along at a might pace but the barbed intelligent lyrics are what really make the songs stand out.

I've seen The Sisters play live a few times, headlining the Reading Festival, selling out Wembley Arena and even seeing the "secret" 10th anniversary gig at Leeds University. They make for a mesmerising live experience. Currently on a 50 date world tour to celebrate their 25th anniversary ("Biting the silver bullet tour") they hit London in early May playing the Astoria. I really wanted to see them again for old times sake and agreed to go with my good buddy Lightning Tom. Imagine my chagrin upon discovering that I was not the only one with this plan and that the gig was completely sold out! Fortunately the day has been saved by the power of eBay which has produced two reasonably priced tickets. So I'll have to start brushing down my Cuban healed winkle pickers and smoking jacket.

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