Monday, June 18, 2007

Alan Sugar buys IBM!

Last week I was very much looking forward to the final of The Apprentice. Alan Sugar might be a touch fond of himself and the candidates are mainly scheming ego maniacs but it is brilliant TV. I knew the challenge this week was for the two finalists to redesign some building that Sugar had bought near Waterloo. I nearly fell off the sofa when the program started and they showed the building! It was IBM Southbank - somewhere I typically work out of a few days every month.

It turns out that IBM's lease on the building has many years to run so all that has really happened is that we have got a new landlord. But next time I'm in the office I will check that we have still got IBM Thinkpads and not an Amstrad PCW 8256. I also need to check that our fine Cisco IP Phones haven't been changed for E-m@iler phones that only exist on Sugar's secretary's desk and in his boardroom.


Unknown said...

Hur hur.

My folks had an eMailer phone. Must take it outside and burn it, post the video to sometime..


Mind you, the outside of that building could do with a bit of a makeover..

---* Bill

Anonymous said...

It's always been a bit of a ugly building...reminds me of a nuclear bunker. I was a bit surprised to see it as I thought IBM still had a few years to run on the lease. Sad to see it go as a location 'cos the Southbank is becoming all trendy again....

Jonnie Boy said...

I almost fell off my chair too but thought that Simon's phalic waves were pretty cool, and if I come back to Big Blue can I have an office at the top of the middle crest??