Sunday, September 09, 2007

Wii Madness

At the weekend my frolleague Darren helped me out big time. He had heard me bemoaning the lack of Nintendo Wii's around my neck of the woods (despite being in the market for 9 months). So when he spotted one available in Camberley he bought it for me. Good man.

I have never been a great one for computer games. In my line of work sitting in front of a computer for fun seems like a busman's holiday. But the Wii really is better fun that all that other tosh. The Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 may have all the power (although actually all three devices use IBM processors) but their games are so realistic now that you might as well watch a movie. In fact these machines are more like HD Media Centres rather than games boxes. On the other hand the Wii is just a games machine. The innovative Wii Remote (wiimote?) controller really does manage the magic of sensing movement so you can stand up and flail around the room like a mad thing and make your custom avatar (Wii Mii) do the same.

Of course the down side of that is the potential for collateral damage. So catching this lampshade with a particularly committed forehand smash whilst playing Wii Tennis is probably not the last item to be broken. It is worth it though. This Wii is brilliant.


Anonymous said...

Why no go and play some proper tennis? Cost you a lot less in lamp shades. :)

Mr Ports said...

I think you will find that those lamp shades are a lot cheaper than tennis lessons!

Anonymous said...

Which reminds me, we must swap Wii IDs so that our Miis can mingle. Jacko, Adolf, Fester, Gomez, Potter, Voldemort, Dumbeldore, Snape, Satan, Eight Ace, Raffles, Jaffa Cake and Ugly Bob are waiting to visit Barnes.

Anonymous said...

You great pudding!