Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympic BSOD

OK - so it is kinda like shooting fish in a barrel poking fun at MS Windows for crashing. I'm sure that we have all seen the famous Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) on airport monitors and ATM machines, not to mention our home and work PCs. But it is rare to see one as high profile as this - during the climax of the opening ceremony for the Beijing Olympics. More ironic because PC suppler Lenovo ditched Windows Vista for the supposedly more stable Windows XP. Full story Here


Jonnie Boy said...

Hi Ports,

I recently bought an all snging all dancing PC to power my games - and put Vista 64 bit on the quad core intel machine. I am pleased to report that, on average, I have 1.5 BSOD per week. One issue seems to be plugging in or unplugging a USB device. Anyway it's fast when it works and annoying when it doesn't! What can I say! Jonathan

Matt said...

My Lenovo 4GB Memory Stick and 1Gb Memory stick managed to lose most of my holiday pictures. Luckily I'd uploaded some of them to Flickr and the rest I'd left on the camera memory card that I'd swapped out as it was getting too full. Thankfully I didn't delete them after backing them up to the Lenovo Stick.