Sunday, June 07, 2009

Lotus Notes on The Wire

I love the TV show The Wire. My Wife and I are halfway through watching the fifth and final season on DVD. It's brilliant TV. All the better for seeing what software Bunk uses for his colloborative needs ....

Maybe that is why crime is going down in West Baltimore. (Season 5, Episode 5, 47.14). You feel me?


wild bill said...

*cough* workspace instead of bookmarks ?

Nice one. Forward this to the design team, eh ?

Cos we all know bookmarks are wrong.

---* Bill

Cali369 said...

Brilliant! We've just started season 3 so will keep an eye out for other sightings

gamefan12 said...

I am also a huge fan of the show also. Such a great show that is so well written. I definitely recommend the show to all here. There is nothing better.
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