Monday, May 09, 2005

Hitchhikers Movie

Ali and I went to see the new Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy filum last night with Marcus and Ellen. I have followed H2G2 (as those of us in the know call it) from it's original birth as a radio show, through the five novels and the (now rather dated) TV Series. Each was a bit different and each had its own nice little touches. I was a bit concerned because many of the reviews of the film have been luke warm to say the least. Others have been downright scathing. However when you're a fan you just have to go. Like the Star Wars prequals.

But we were in for a very pleasant surprise. It was brilliant. Martin Freeman was engaging as the baffled Arthur Dent whilst Trillian and Ford added able support. Sam Rockwell has received criticism for his portayal of Zaphod not being very likeable. Which just shows that the reviewers don't know the H2G2 material. Zaphod is a complete idiot and a total ego maniac tempered only slightly by his charisma, which is exactly how Rockwell played him. A big shout out must go to Alan Rickman who added the voice or Marvin. His little asides and moans were perfectly timed.

The special effects were great and there were plenty of laughs. But for propeller heads like me there were loads of subtle touches, for example cameos for the original Arthur, Simon Jones and the original Marvin. If you are a fan then I highly recommend it. If you have never read or seen H2G2 then you will probably be a bit confused - so don't write a review of it!


Tony C said...

Opps, both Karen and I are HHGG fans and didn't like it. Well bits were OK, but it was mostly not good.

Weird how we can see the same film and come away with a different view, especially as we're both fans.

Mr Ports said...

Tony, I read your opinion before seeing the film and trusting your opinion as I do, I really expected it to be pretty ropey. But as far as I concerned, a film that includes a mini light saber that can toast bread as you are cutting it can't be anything short of great :0) Seriously though, I agree that it is strange how this H2G2 seems to have polarized the opinions of fans.