Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sunday Morning

When I was a little fella, the amount of pocket money I got was largely determined by what child slavery my parents had observed me doing in that particular week. Obviously I'm not accusing them of putting me down a coal mine or shoving me up a chimney. In fact, anyone knowing my robust proportions would know that I would only have been available for the larger chimneys. Anyway - the point is that one of the forms of torture my parents found acceptable for me was washing the car on a Sunday morning.

Cars used to have so many nooks and crannies that it was a nightmare. Chrome sills and vinyl roofs. My dads Fiat 132ES (so rare that I can't even find it on Google) was so filled with hard to get spots that it used to take me 2 hours to clean.

And yet current cars are so easy that I can't understand why folks pay 6 or 7 quid to get them cleaned badly by a machine at their petrol station. I clean my car about once a month. It takes about 10 minutes to soap it down, then another 10 minutes to clean the alloy wheels and 5 minutes to rinse it off with the hose. Yet in over 2 years we have been living on this road I haven't seen anyone else wash their car on a Sunday (or indeed any other day) ever!

The sad thing is that when I have reason to visit a petrol station on a Sunday I so often see a huge queue of cars waiting for the car wash machine. And so often it is Dad with junior in the passenger seat. I hope junior isn't getting their pocket money for just sitting there :-(


Anonymous said...

And all that time you spent tidying and cleaning your room! Oh no, that's why you painted it black gloss and kept the lighting low so no one could tell it hadn't been hoovered since 1603!?

The best bit about weekend slavery of course was getting in first to spend all morning polishing the sitting room table - aka getting sneaky peeks at Swap Shop with volume very low.
But where oh where was Mr Ports at washing up time? Too fatigued by scrubbing the rust off the Fiat no doubt.


Tony C said...

You mean one of these?

Mr Ports said...

Yes it was kind of like that - but the ES version was a bit different and much rarer. It had an 1800 engline like the GLS but it was tweaked for better performance. It was indeed a brilliant motor but the body work was atrocious. My dad literally had a standing order with the local scrap yard that he would take any 132 doors that came in because they rusted so fast. After a while he stopped bothering to paint them to match the car because they got replaced so quickly. Those were the days :-)

Tony C said...

I wonder if theres many left? Most I suspect are are Iron Oxide.