Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Domain Names

I have never bothered registering a domain name in the past. This is principally because the main one I wanted,, is owned by some fly-by-night chancers who run a few ships and harbours. Quite how that can justify them getting in the face of my obvious ownership is beyond me but I have decided I will not sue them for cyber squatting. *Deep Breath* I'm man enough to walk away.

Anyway - I figured it was about time I had my own Domain so I have squandered £10 pounds to get Of course it just points to this web log since I haven't anything else remotely interesting to do with it at the moment. This is the reason I have dusted of my amateurish PhotoShop skills to create the new brash logo you see above, horribly undermining the subtle design work of the original template developer.

So if you are one of the kind people who link to Ports Thoughts, please feel free to update to link to so my new branding exercise will impress all and sundry, even though it is about 5 years after everyone else did it :-(


Tony C said...

Ports the looks of the logo who'll have the guys at Adobe after yer blood for crimes against graphic design! :o)

Mr Ports said...

Ha ha. You swine Woody. You are of course right ;-) At some point I might sort it out.

Anonymous said...

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