Saturday, May 20, 2006

Lotus is cool

I was out last night at my best mate Matt's birthday bash in a Chinese restaurant off Oxford Street in London. Mainly the group comprised the usual suspects but Matt had also invited 4 super geeks who are studying for an MSc in Information Security with him. It didn't take the geeks very long to notice that I was wearing a T-shirt with IBM on it.

"Why are you wearing an IBM T-shirt?" they enquire.
"Because he works for IBM" interrupts Matt.
"Eeeugh", sneer the geeks, "why would you want to work for a behemoth like that?".
"Actually", I explain, "I work for the Lotus bit."
"Oooh" nod the geeks with reverence, "Lotus is cool"


Anonymous said...

When I read your blog entry I sat back as thought "rubbish! IBM must be cool too" so I popped over to my old buddy GoogleBear and searched for "cool IBM stuff" and hey presto, what is the top result? A reference to Notes/Domino 7!

Say no more :-)

Mr Ports said...

Obviously I think IBM is totally cool as well. It was just interesting what these Geeks thought. And they really did the "oooh" thing when I said it was Lotus.