Thursday, July 13, 2006

Welsh Wales

So I was visiting an IBM Lotus Domino customer in Wales today. I won't go into the details of how much they love Domino and consider the competition to be initially slick but lacking in real enterprize deliverables. Because what I wanted to comment on is actually about the return of my Tom Tom One Satalite Navigation system. My poor TomTom went wrong a couple of weeks ago and to put it mildly I have missed my little navigational friend whilst it was off being repaired. However, I didn't expect this journey to Wales to overly stressfull since the trip basically involved travelling down the M4 from London until just before Cardiff.

But a few miles into the journey the radio started reporting that the M4 was closed between Junction 18 and 19 because of a lorry fire. Doh! Obviously I'm going to be late for my meeting. Not at all - at junction 17 I told the TomTom that I wanted to avoid the M4 and low and behold it charted me a new route that missed all the trouble. Welcome home little TomTom. You have been missed.

The only way it could be improved is if it could find a route that doesn't involve being charged £4.90 to enter Wales whilst it is free to return to England. I can't help feeling that the Welsh did this to wind up the English.


Anonymous said...

I think you can go across the old bridge and it's free, but it takes you hideously out of your way (probably cost you more than £4.50 in fuel!).

I used to use TomTom on my PDA. Imagine my horror when I pulled up at this bridge only to find that I too had to pay £4.50 to get out - AND it didn't warn me.

I've since upgraded to a TomTom ONE and I subscribe to the traffic service by linking it to my phone via Bluetooth (the man in Curry's said it didn't do Bluetooth. It clearly does). Now I can phone up and tell the good Mrs Newton exactly when I'm going to be home and if there's a diversionette on the way home, I can update with my new ETA.

Shame it doesn't know about the short cut to our house, because I always get there a couple of minutes ahead of the ETA :)

Anonymous said...

Of course we did it to wind the English up! Its our one real "ha ha" at them!!!

Its a privilege to be let in you know - but obviously that privilege that can be bought for £4.50!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

The bridge is owned by a French company so unfortunately neither the Welsh nor the English controls it. The money goes to keep the bridge under repair and the rest goes to France!