Saturday, October 14, 2006

The evils of the modern world (part 3)

I'm seldom surprised by how stupid people can be. But it generally doesn't bother me too much. So what if people want to read The Sun, watch Strictly Come Dancing or dress in Burberry? However, what does drive me incandescent with rage is the muppet's who feel the need to turn on their emergency indicators when they park their vehicles at the side of the road. I don't have a problem if it is an ambulance or any other vehicle that is responding to an emergency but it drives me mad when it is just an ordinary car or truck. Why? Well as soon as another car comes and parks behind them and obscures the offside it just looks like they are indicating to say they want to leave their parking space. Being a polite sort of fella I often stop to allow people to rejoin the carriageway and it is really galling when they don't move because they are actually just parked but felt so self important that they left their indicators on. Often because they are parked illegally. Do they really think people won't notice a 2 ton car without flashing lights? See also people who leave their fog lights on all the time.

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