Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Song Remains the Same

Last night was my mate Neil's birthday bash and he arranged for about a dozen of us to go and see the Led Zeppelin tribute band Boot-Led-Leppelin. What a cracking evening! I spent much of my late teens sitting around earnestly listening to this ludicrous, pompous type of overblown nonsense - and I have missed it. I certainly never thought I would ever see the Zep live and while these impersonators weren't perfect, with a little suspension of disbelief they were pretty close. The singers jeans were so tight you could tell his religion and the guitarists twin necked Gibson SG was authentically silly. The songs were all in place; Kashmir, Trampled Underfoot, , Whole Lotta Love, No Quarter, Since I've been Loving You amongst many others. They even managed to pull off Stairway To Heaven with a straight face - which is no mean feat. I felt like I was 16 again. Highly recommended.


Johnny Hoover said...

It's scary out in tribute-world. Who'd have thought peddling old songs from a by-gone age could possibly work? ;o)

Hoover x

Anonymous said...

Old farts!