Thursday, May 03, 2007

Outrageous Cheek

I was in a hotel in Vauxhall, London yesterday for an event about collaboration which I was speaking at. It was a fantastic event and I think my presentation was quite well received. To top it off the hosts The Butler Group put on a smashing Gala Dinner afterwards.

After the dinner my frolleague Matt and I headed round to the bar for a glass of wine before heading home. I was not surprised to find that 2 standard glasses of house red wine was more expensive than a normal pub or restaurant. £4.70 for a very ordinary wine is a bit steep - but what do you expect in central London hotel?

Well what I wouldn't expect is for a 12.5% service charge to automatically be added on top. For pouring an overpriced drink into a glass! Even in cultures like America where, unlike the UK, tipping is expected it would never be automatically added in a bar. At least never anywhere I have seen. Thieving swines. And the wine was rubbish.


Anonymous said...

You can of course refuse to pay the service charge....

Darren said...

Another rip-off... two words... hotel breakfast.