Sunday, April 29, 2007

Great Teamwork

On Thursday and Friday most of the folks from the IBM Software group in the UK were shipped out to a big Country House in the sticks for a two day meeting. In this modern virtual world of home offices, voicemail, emeetings, instant messaging and all the other great collaborative innovations, there is nothing that can beat meeting up with Frolleagues face to face, having a few beers and a few laughs and just generally catching up. Of course there was a strong educational theme to the event with a business update as well, but plenty of time to let our hair down an have some fun. Not to mention a "team bonding" session that didn't suck!

Great as it is to meet the whole software team, it is always nicest to catch up with my Lotus Frollegues since these are the folks that I work with everyday even though we are spread all around the country. So imagine how touched I was to get home from this great teaming event to find a big box waiting on my door step. It is a hamper full of great baby stuff from the Lotus Tech Sales team.

It contains loads of cool stuff. Mittens, Rattle, Cap, baby shampoo and soap etc. It was a lovely surprise and couldn't have topped off a great teaming event any better. Many thanks to Brian and all the team from Ali, Lucy and I.

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