Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sat nav leads thieves home

This story has been making news of late (See Ananova here). Cheeky coves stole a car from the car park at Alton Towers. While the owners happily cavorted around the theme park, the villains tapped "Home" into the satellite navigation system and were led to the victims house where they stole another car off the driveway.

The Police suggest (as they have done for years) that you take your satnav with you when you leave the car. That's fine advice if you have a portable device like a TomTom but not so helpful if it is built into your dashboard. So what else can Her Majesty's constabulary think to suggest? "Only put in the town and not the full post code". I suspect that the good yeomen of Staffordshire are unaware of the size of Ye Olde Londone Towne. This is not a helpful option. So if anyone lives near me in South West London can I suggest you use this postcode: SW18 3HS. It should get you near something you recognise so you can find home - but it will direct our larcenous friends to the front gates of HM Prison Wandsworth.

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Anonymous said...

Garmin have for many years had a pin number to activate your satnav ... that would be my suggestion.