Monday, August 20, 2007

Idiot requiring a history leason

This country drives me bananas! A few idiots who were disappointed that a Rave was stopped threw coke cans at the Police. What is the BBC's breathless headline? Mob lays siege to Police Station. That would be a huge mob of 15 people vs. 200 Policemen.

Always level headed, The Sun proclaims "Anarchy in the UK as yobs rule". It is true that there have been some nasty incidents of late, but I think it is a bit premature to declare Anarchy across the nation because a few hippies are waving tofu at the airplanes outside Heathrow.

Anyway - I was listening to the rather over excitable Radio 5 Live on my way into work this morning and I heard this brilliant exchange:

Victoria Derbyshire: "Listener Matt has a comment about British society."
Matt: "This country is going to the dogs. It's not safe to go outside any more. And it's full of immigrants and criminals."
Victoria Derbyshire: "Come on Matt, surely that's an exageration?"
Matt: "No it's not. I've had enough. I'm going to leave this country."
Victoria Derbyshire: "Where are you going to go Matt?"
Matt: "Australia."

(If you don't understand why this is dripping with irony have a look here Transportation or here Convicts to Australia)

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