Tuesday, January 01, 2008

What does the colour of your car say about you?

The time has come round to order my new company car. It is almost four years since I got my current motor so I'm quite excited about getting a new one. Things have changed since then though, not least the fact that Lucy has come along so now I find I am much more interested in ISOFIX car seat connectors than top speed. The biggest change is that I will be getting an estate car because even though Lucy is only 2 and a half feet long she takes up an unbelievable amount of room. What with her car seat, pushchair, travel cot, baby bath, clothes, toys and nappies she has more packing than Posh Spice.

But the real dilemma is what colour do I chose. In my opinion, the best looking car I ever had was this one in green with beige interior. That was 10 years ago. Since then I have boringly stuck with a blue/grey combination. So I thought I would return to Green for the new jalopy.

But then I found this list here
Black cars denote an aggressive personality or someone who's an outsider or rebel.
Silver cars indicate someone who's cool, calm and slightly aloof.
Green cars can often be chosen by people with hysterical tendencies.
Yellow cars signify someone who is idealistic and novelty loving.
Blue cars are chosen by the more introspective, reflective and cautious driver.
Gray cars represent those who are calm, sober and dedicated to their work.
Red cars denote those who are full of zest, energy and drive and who think, move and talk quickly.
Pink cars are chosen by gentle, loving and affectionate drivers.
White cars represent status-seeking extrovert drivers.
Cream cars are the least likely to be involved in accidents and denote self-contained and controlled owners.

Notice that it suggests people with green cars have "Hysterical Tendencies"! Perhaps I should go with Pink instead.


Anonymous said...

Piiink says Greeeen!

Unknown said...


Gray cars represent those who are calm, sober and dedicated to their work.

is obviously bollocks, as I have a gunmetal grey mini cooper S, and am offended by the word 'Sober'..


---* Bill

Anonymous said...

You left your lights on.

Anonymous said...

Lights left on for 10 years.That's one heck of a battery!

Anonymous said...

Yep the dark green suits the beemer...

..but a Saab 95 estate in any colour would be better.. ahem...

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...
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