Monday, April 11, 2005


You may remember a month or so ago that I was enthusing about the new Doctor Who. Well the first two episodes have been great fun. But not particularly scary. And every now and again Doctor Who should be a bit scary for kids. I remember being a kid and watching Tom Baker battle the Daleks and being mighty scared.

Due to being at Lightning Tom's 30th birthday celebration on Saturday I missed the 3rd episode, "The Unquiet Dead" so Ali and I have just watched in on Video. Bearing in mind that Doctor Who is a children's program it was really quite frightening at points, with Dead folk rising up and murdering people! The new Doctor Who should get the kids back behind the sofa again.

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Mr Ports said...

I know it is a bit Luddite compared to your Sky Minus box, but I think I skill have it on video if you can bare such low tech machinery. Lemme know if you fancy borrowing it before the wife tapes Desparate Housewifes over it.