Thursday, April 07, 2005

Marcus plays his first proper gig ...

My top mate Marcus is playing guitar with singer Mike in a band called Harbron. Here they are at the 12 Bar Club in Denmark street in London.

Good to know that the Sideburner bass player is keeping his hand in. They started and finished brilliantly with a slight dip in the middle. Both Marcus and Mike were really good - clearly the best band on the night. Whilst Harbron were the best act, the guy doing a Metallica cover on his own was seriously entertaining and must be either mad or an undiscovered genius. (Clue: It was the first one).

Incidentally, if you have been waiting for you opportunity to see Al and Neil in the Beautiful Losers they are playing the Half Moon in Putney on Saturday.


Tony C said...

Are they named after the "Low- Field Very Large Hardron Collider Magnet Parameter"

Just wondered?

Mr Ports said...

I'm afraid it is just Mike's last name :-(