Thursday, June 23, 2005

Changing of the Guard

So Tim Henman crashes out of Wimbledon whilst new hope Andrew Murray defeats the 13th seed . Like most British folks, I suspect, I'm only really interested in tennis when Wimbledon comes round. But all these years of watching Henman have done nasty things to my nerves. Even when he is on top he still manages to throw sets away to make us think he is going to lose. So it is a breath of fresh air to see Murray winning in straight sets and never seeming to lose his confidence. That is not to knock Henman's achievements. Staying in the top 10 in the world for 10 years is an outstanding achievement. So even if Murray loses to Nalbandian in the next round I think it is fair to say that Murray has taken over from now on. It might take him a while to get into the top ten but I don't think his ranking of 313 will stay for very long.

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Tony C said...

Strange isn't how quickly Tim is dropped for the new sprog. No British tennis player since Fred Perry has matched Henman's record. Ten years at the top of the sport, that's a fantastic record.

I hope the new lad does well, but even at 313th in the world, if you consider how many people play tennis, that make you one tasty player.