Sunday, June 26, 2005

Smoking - it's a bit rubbish

I'm not proud - but I started smoking when I was 11 years old :-( My mate Harry Lines had a job as a paper boy and miraculously every now and then he would turn up with two hundred JPS (John Player Specials) . I'm not suggesting that he nicked them, but let's just say I never saw any receipts.

Anyway, we used to stand on the corner of Chanterlands Avenue and Loveridge Avenue in my home town, Hull, looking kinda like James Dean. Or so we thought. Until two big lads beat Harry and I up and nicked our stash of cigarettes and pointed out that we should be sucking rather than blowing. Because up until then we had been blowing. Scoff as you might but there aren't any instructions on a pack!

These days the advice on cigarette packs are pretty is explicit. The pack of Silk Cut Silver I'm currently looking at says "Smoking Kills" and "Smokers Die Younger". My good mate Brendan decided to give up the smokes yesterday because when he asked his daughter what she most wanted for her 21st birthday she didn't ask for an XBox or Playstation, she asked him to stop smoking. Ouch! But fair play to the fella - he has gone for it. He has ditched that fags.

So has it made me pause for thought? Damn right it has. Smoking is unattractive, unsociable, unheathy, illogical and basically stupid. But bizarrely I'm still smoking as I write this. What a F**k Wit I am.

So I look at my current pack of fags and see I have 15 snouts left. I'm really enjoying my last smoke. I really am. But of course, I know it is stupid. SO NOW IT STOPS.

Can I Keep it up? I don't know. But I'm going to try...You betta believe it.

(and if you hear a funny cracking sound - that is me crushing the last of my fags)

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Anonymous said...

My girlfriend did just that Darren. She setup a virtual savings account called "fag money". Out of that she's bought a 3-piece sweet, TV and many clothes.

Ports - Why not setup a sponsorship page on for your favourite charity and get people to sponsor you for giving up. That way you can feel really guilty if you start up again. Worse still, make yourself double the amount sponsored before you're allowed to smoke again.

- Ben