Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Another sporting triumph!

So quite a few folks have been focused on England's recent test cricket series with the former prison colony known as the Antipodes and how Sir Freddie Flintoff and his chums kicked the bejesus out of their sorry Australian asses. Not only does this restore British pride to the levels of Empire, but it also gives us bragging rights over bar staff in that majority of South West London pubs.

However, despite the triumph that this clearly represents, it pales beside the sporting achievement that occurred tonight. Every Tuesday, Me, Ali and our mates Brendan and Paul take part in a pub quiz at the Ship Inn in Mortlake (it's claim to fame is that it is opposite the end of the University Boat Race). You will notice that our team contains 4 member which is the internationally recognised number of members a pub quiz team should have. Whilst I won't say they are breaking the spirit of the quiz, it has been noted that some teams have up to 12 (TWELVE!) members. And they are students from Roehampton College. Cheating Bast*rds. They still only have 3 pints of lime and soda between them all for the entire evening. The pub probably loses money on straws.

Aside from the despicable student scum, there were another 17 teams tonight. And when the scores were tallied at the end of the quiz our team, named "Twist Ma Head", came out on top. Yes we were the winners. Obviously we wafted our prize of 8 free beer tokens in front of the students until the were crying into their student loans.

Just to be clear, we really did answer more questions correctly than anyone else. For example, what Greek letter represents a little bit (Iota) and what is the new BMW mini (Mini Traveller). We also triumphed in the music round when we were the only team to recognise Pure Shores by the All Saints.

But do we get an open topped bus trip round Trafalgar Square? Where is the justice in that!

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