Tuesday, September 27, 2005

On The Road

I had to drive up to Reddich near Birmingham yesterday where myself and my frolleague John Hudson were meeting with a Lotus Domino customer to discus their imminent upgrade to the latest release, that being the awesome version 7. Reddich is about 120 miles away up the M40 and the trip should take between 2.5 and 3 hours. However, there is always a frisson of excitement when setting out for these longish trips because you can never be quite sure what the road conditions are going to be like and things like heavy traffic, accidents, bad weather and navigational errors can radically effect the time it will take.

So, I was quite relieved when I pulled in to Cherwell Valley Service Area to grab a coffee an hour before our meeting was due to start and with the customers only 20 minutes away. I was also shocked to find that the car that I had parked next to was John's. He was just leaving having had a coffee. Quite a coincidence. So we both end up at the customers bang on time to find out that that the person we have a meeting with has been called away due to an emergency. So nearly 6 hours driving for nothing. The coffee was nice though.

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