Sunday, May 28, 2006

Posh Nosh

I like eating out. Whether it is Steak and Ale pie in a local pub or moules and frites at Belgo, Japanese steak at Benihana or a cheeky curry after a couple of ales. However, what I don't like is restaurants which are totally over priced and over hyped because they are affiliated with some TV chef. So it was a little disturbing today to have a post card pushed through the door advertising Barnes Grill, the latest venture from celebrity flump Antony Worrall Thompson. This makes it one of the closest restaurants to our house but do I really want to eat at Chez Flump? Of course we will because the post card entitles two people to a free glass of posh wine each. Yup, that's how shallow I am.


Tony C said...

Where is that in Barnes fella? And have you tried Sonny's? Not cheap but the food, service and wine is top notch.

Mr Ports said...

Hi Tone, no I haven't tried Sonny's but since your last recomendation, Redmonds, was so excellent I will definatly try it. Barnes Grill is at the top of Rocks Lane just at the cross roads with Church Road and Castlenau where the Wetlands Centre is. I think it used to be Bar Estilio.

Anonymous said...

I ate at one of Worrall Thompson's restaurants a few years back (a Lotus shin-dig organised by a marketing department with an obviously too-large budget). It was shit. It seemed like left-overs. One of the 'dishes' appeared to be something that had boiled over, created a congealed crust at the bottom of the oven, had been scraped up and put on a plate. I was rather hoping that the man himself would appear at the end of the meal to take some applause, it would have given me the opportunity to voice an opinion.

Before Tony accuses me of being short on culinery appreciation, I'd like to say that I'm no longer a fan of McDonalds, and while I do like my food relatively plain and simple I do know good food when I see it.

Tony C said...

Thanks Ports. That spot seems to be the mark of death for restaurants...there's been about 4 there in as many years.

Don't worry Daz you culinary tastes are not in question.

Anonymous said...

Waaaaah! Bar Estillo... that was nifty! Lovely few meals and snacketts there.
Worrol Flumpty! M'lord!
Now then, the Flumps... weren they renowned for their fookinbigfeet?
Ah, but for a pingpongtasticafternoon... Signor Portastic, that's the fella!


Anonymous said...

I am miffed!! I live in Barnes and havn't had anything through my door!!
I have put my nose in and am trying it out v soon.
Sonnys is yummy. Never had a bad meal there and go often.
Avoid The Red Lion hamburgers though!!