Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Cats really stink

I guess any one who knows Ali and I would realise how much we love our cats. Like most mogs they sometimes do naughty things which everyone would think are cute (e.g. chasing balls of wool or breaking wind (Barney is a real wind bag). However, cute and funny as Barney and Boo are they do have one major flaw. They shit on the carpet. I know - sounds a bit harsh and possibly a bit crude - but facts are facts. The dirty little boys seem to thing it is OK to hang their butt over the side of their litter tray and "fertilize the crops". Of couse we have no crops. Only a pongy carpet.

Having decided that the obvious solution was not viable (murdering cats can cause so much distress) we needed an alternative. Enter the Ferplast Magix litter tray. It is fully covered to prevent the hideous odours our furry friends are capable of producing and also has a front door to protect their privacy. Because it is their privacy that I'm worried about! Hopefully their smelly days are at an end (yeah right!). Incidentally - that is a stunt cat in the picture. Barney and Boo haven't figured the door out yet.


Anonymous said...

Ever tried duct tape on a cats ar@e?? Just watch their little cheeks puff out and glow!

Anyhow, with this new 'secluded' gizmo, what if Barney and Boo just hang their poo-ey bootoms out of the door! :0/

Anonymous said...

That was Pink, by the way.

Mr Ports said...

Boo has already availed himself of the facilities so I have not worries about him.

Barney is another matter :-(

Anonymous said...

Bit fick?