Thursday, February 22, 2007

Wireless World

In our living room we have two areas with loads of cables and wires. One is around the TV and HiFi and at the other end of the room is the computer/home office. In the past I really didn't care too much. It looks a bit messy but it does the job. However, I'm now starting to think about child proofing the house for when the baby is born and starts crawling all over the place (I know it will be a while before the nipper is born never mind mobile but I'm planning ahead). It strikes me that a bunch of wires must be quite a tempting target for a kids little hands and they do so love chewing things. So I'm interested is any of you kind readers have had this dilemma and if so how you tidied everything up? Trunking? Cable Ties? New Equipment? Reduced Equipment? Cupboards? False Backs? What is the secret?

For a second I was tempted not to list the equipment for incase it attracted unsavoury burglar types, but apart from the lava lamp I think these things are pretty standard these days. And yes I know the HiFi rack needs dusting.

Television and HiFi
Wireless Headphone Station
Record Deck
Video Recorder
DVD Player
5.1 Amplifier
7 Speakers
Sub Woofer
Lava Lamp
Coaxial Aerial Cable

Home Office
Wireless Router
5 Speakers
Sub Woofer
Phone Charger
Camera Charger
Phone Extension
Broadband Cable


Anonymous said...

Well, we had to put everything we could inside glass-fronted cabinets. We then went into the dilemma of do we get the special flexible coating or not for the glass...

What couldn't get hidden in the cabinets got stuffed underneath them or down to the side (cables, etc.), so there's not really much for little hands to play with.

'Course, #2 is growing at a rate and he now knows how to undo the child locks on everything. I know it's just going to be a matter of time before he tries to serve the DVD player with a drink of milk. Fortunately we got rid of the video (replaced it with a Humax PVR and also a Panasonic DVD recorder) so he can't post parcels and food into the flaps of the video player.

Anonymous said...

I'd get a stair gate before I worried about cables!

The word "NO" is very useful we found/find.(And our 'baby' is now taller than it's mother and grew 2 cm in the last fortnight!!)

Having said that "NO" is not a nice word when a toddler proudly learns it's meaning!!(Yes it seems a long way off now.....)

Hope all is well with aged father,enlarging mother and sprout.

Love Sue,Kev and huge Jonny

Anonymous said...

Don't worry yourself... you'll be floggin off all your clobber to keep wee Herby in the manner to which etc!...

once it's gone just get a couple of note pads and a box of crayons and you'll all be larfin. Oh, and a stair gate. :0)

By eck, we have a monster nephew oop norf... stop eating Jonny, your feet are the size of a truck already :0/
Mind, to be taller than our Sue... you aint getting a certificate! Tehe