Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Dilemmas Dilemmas

What's a boy to do? Two offers of entertainment tonight. Option 1: I could go to my friend Marcus' house and watch the epic Man Utd vs. Arsenal clash on his spiffing 50inch TV with much beer and the promise of his excellent Thai Green Curry. This would be especially sweet because all the other lads are Gooners and I would be the only United fan. And last time I watched an Arsenal/United match with them it was the FA Cup Semi Final and we whooped them. Still - quite a high risk strategy. Option 2: Go to my regular Tuesday night pub quiz in Mortlake with my friend Brendan who's celebrating his birthday. (Top trivia fact: The quiz is sometimes frequented by Olympic Gold Medal winning Oar botherer Tim Foster - and rather appropriately he drinks Fosters).

Well, I think loyalty to Brendan's birthday must prevail. I'll watch the game on the Pub TV between questions. But it would have been good to see Marcus' face as Rooney screams one past Lehmann.

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