Sunday, February 06, 2005

Milly visits!

This is our lovely 4 year old God daughter Milly sitting on the equally lovely Ali when she came over to visit last week with Si and Sally her mum and dad.

This is the same Milly dancing to Hayseed Dixie playing a Bluegrass version of Motorhead's the Ace of Spades (really :-) [if you do bother to click the link then you are going to have to wait - it is about 17MB - but it is worth the wait]. If you don't have broadband you might have to go and make a cup of coffee - it will take a while. But we (Marcus, Ellen, Al, Lynne, Tom, Laura, Ali and Me) are going to see them next weekend at the Shepherd's Bush Empire. It should be great.

Milly solves the worlds problems on a Thinkpad (She's certainly not just watching Pingu on DVD, oh no :-) And it certainly isn't the new Pingu Snowboarding video. Ahem. Well maybe...

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