Thursday, February 24, 2005

Where's the Blizzard?

Last night the BBC promised that there would be loads of snow in the Midlands. Early this morning I had to drive from London to Lichfield which being just North of Birmingham couldn't be more Midlands if it tried. Cue Midlands joke:

A guy goes to a job interview in Birmingham wearing a flowery shirt, flared jeans and platform shoes.
"All you need now is a Kipper Tie", quips the prospective employer
"Ta very much mate, two sugars", responds our hapless hero.

Anyway, back to the snow. I like snow. In fact I love snow. It puts me in a happy Narnia kind of Christmas mood. As I drove up from London the radio informed me of the blizzard going on in the Midlands. As I got off the M1 onto the M6, the rain gradually turned into sleet. And then as I carried on oop North - it just stayed like that. I hate sleet. It puts me in a miserable cold kind of crap mood. No snowman for me :-(

Fortunately, the customer meeting I had was very enjoyable as I explained to the IT Director of a large manufacturing company why they should adopt Lotus Domino. He seemed to like my pitch and even started making a few quips about our main competitor himself which is always a good sign. So no snow but a good show.

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Darren said...

Here in Camberley I had to move large amounts of snow from the cars this morning, and it was snowing as I left for Portsmouth. But from then on all I saw was sleet and then rain. Having said that, I just let the dog out for a wee (23:00) and the world was white.

The Met Office, yet again, were wildly inaccurate. If you believed their reports last night you've have expected a frozen apocalypse today to equal that seen in the bobbins disaster movie 'The Day After Tomorrow'. But what did we get...? sleet and drizzle (until just now).

Next time someone goes to the seaside can they pick up a new bit of seaweed for the Met Office. The piece they have outside their back door clearly isn't working.