Thursday, February 24, 2005

Where's the Blizzard?

Last night the BBC promised that there would be loads of snow in the Midlands. Early this morning I had to drive from London to Lichfield which being just North of Birmingham couldn't be more Midlands if it tried. Cue Midlands joke:

A guy goes to a job interview in Birmingham wearing a flowery shirt, flared jeans and platform shoes.
"All you need now is a Kipper Tie", quips the prospective employer
"Ta very much mate, two sugars", responds our hapless hero.

Anyway, back to the snow. I like snow. In fact I love snow. It puts me in a happy Narnia kind of Christmas mood. As I drove up from London the radio informed me of the blizzard going on in the Midlands. As I got off the M1 onto the M6, the rain gradually turned into sleet. And then as I carried on oop North - it just stayed like that. I hate sleet. It puts me in a miserable cold kind of crap mood. No snowman for me :-(

Fortunately, the customer meeting I had was very enjoyable as I explained to the IT Director of a large manufacturing company why they should adopt Lotus Domino. He seemed to like my pitch and even started making a few quips about our main competitor himself which is always a good sign. So no snow but a good show.

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