Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Filthy habit update ...

Several people have been asking me lately how I have been getting on with giving up smoking. Gah! You're missing the point. I haven't given up anything. I have simply stopped smoking those disgusting things that I shouldn't have been using in the first place. Unfortunatly a mixture of childish bravado, naivete and the cynical manipulation of the criminal Tobacco companies got me hooked 25 years ago and it took the Allen Carr book to break the brain washing and remind me that I didn't even want to smoke. If you are interested I have gone through the 3 week mark which some find a symbolic victory but I don't care. I don't smoke.

Obviously I have moments of weakness, for example last night when I got home to find that we had not if fact exchanged contracts to at last buy our house as promised by our solicitors (don't ask). Clearly I had an urge to kill the solicitor but then I have been getting those a lot. Of course I also had an urge to smoke. But it was brief as I told myself "but that would only make you feel worse, you oaf".

Anyway, why focus on the negative! As my kind reader may recall, I was influenced to stop smoking by my good friend Brendan. Well I'm pleased to say that it has begun a trend. Ali and I were up in Boston, Lincolshire with our God Daughter Milly a couple of weeks ago. Her Mum and Dad, Simon and Sally quickly noticed that I was no longer a pathetic smoker and congratulated me and explained how they were going to give up - as they continues to puff away! Well I got a brilliant message from Si yesterday to say that they have followed my (and Brendan's) lead and knocked the ol' woodbines on the head. Good for you guys :-) Fantastic. You really won't regret kicking that monkey off your backs.

Right - who's next?


Anonymous said...


And soon you shall be leaping about Ricmond Park like a whippet, with the lungs of the gazelle you always were. (All be it a rather 'robust' gazelle...)

After 18 months of realising the con of shmerking too, it only gets BETTER!


Anonymous said...

I told you to stop smoking ages ago - why are you giving this brendan bloke all the credit?