Saturday, July 23, 2005

Next version of Windows named

As my mate Tony spotted, Microsoft have announced the official name of the next version of Windows. Following Windows XP we get Windows Vista. This reflects the fact that Vista will, apparently, bring clarity to your digital world. Seems to me that perhaps someone in Marketing needs a lie down.


Anonymous said...

That's pretty funny Mr Ports! :)

If you've seen the announcement video that accompanies the... um... name change then you'll laugh even harder. It features an arena's worth of Microsofties all cheering and clapping. Rather silly.

In my mind it's obvious that MS are trying to escape the fact that Longhorn will not be all that it was originally intended to be, hence the name switch.

Mr Ports said...

Ian, send me your eMail address to I'm not prepared to pay friends reunited just to reply to an eMail. Cheers.