Thursday, July 28, 2005

We own a house!

Or perhaps more accurately, we own a very large mortgage on a house. But either way, we have now completed and the house is ours. It took just a shade under 3 months to go through which might sound OK but it seems rather a long time to buy the house you already live in to us. The speed has not been helped by both sets of solicitors accusing the other side of being incompetent! I think I agree with them both.

Anyway - that is all behind us now and we just have to worry about repairs, decorating, improvements and living with no money. And I have developed a previously unheard of fascination with the Bank of England interest rate. Renting seems ever so simple now.


Tony C said...

Welcome fellow Barnes home owner!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations mate! Welcome to the ball and chain club. Hopefully the novelty won't wear off too quickly! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations mate, I reckon 3 months was about my estimate.

As I discussed before, I bought my house of the landlady and ended up living there for free until we completed. Saved me a couple of months rent :O)

Having now used different solicitors for a house purchase and a divorce I can clearly see that they're all a waste of space. My solicitor had a clear problem with my divorce as my wife chose to not have any representation and cc'd me on all correspondance. This meant he had nobody else to blame for delays as would normally be the case. He still slacked though and had to be threatened with non-payment of bill to get moving at some point.