Sunday, July 03, 2005

Live 8

I remember the Live Aid gig quite well. I caught The Quo opening with Rocking All Over The World but then missed loads because I had to go to the St. Johns Church Fair. Whilst I wouldn't be so ungrateful as to blame St Johns Church who had arraged their Fair months in advance of the Live Aid stuff being announced, I thought they could have at least put a television there or even just a radio. But no. Fortunately I managed to make my excuses and get home having only missed a few hours. And in fairness I had missed Howard Jones and Adam Ant. Every Cloud ....

So today I expected to be able to watch the entire show. But I was only really interested in seeing The Who and Pink Floyd. Having watched the excellent Coldplay, U2 and a couple of others, I thought everything was going well. But then my sister in law Niki and her bloke Mark turned up because it was "her birthday". How selfish ;-) So we had a BBQ but as luck would have it, Niki and Mark nipped off to bed just before the Floyd played an exceptional set. Nice to see Waters and Gilmour together again even if it is a one off.

P.S. For fag spotters, I'm still off the fags even though it is getting harder and I do seem to have more wibbles. At the moment every time I have a wibble I just say to myself "Thank goodness you don't smoke". Seems to be working so far. Just.


Tony C said...

It was brilliant to see Pink Floyd back together but was it me or did Nick Mason look bored?

If McCartney dines out on Hey Jude one more time I'll personally pay to have him topped. It wouldn't be so bad but he didn't even write it.

Sorry but I found the event slighty self serving and self congratulatory.

Mr Ports said...

I can't bring myself to be as cynical as Tone, I thought for the most part it was very genuine, but the show should have stopped after the Floyd. McCartney said "this is rock and roll" and then played Beatles pop songs. Duh! Green Day and Velvet Revolver were Rock and Roll. Muse and Razorlight were rock and roll. McCartney - sorry no. Bad ending. Just like Stevie Wonder in Philly. Of course he is a Legend. But what does he mean to the youth of today. Philly should have ended with Linkin Park. Remember - this wasn't about raising money (in which case it would be valid to have the old giffers last) it is about making the kids realise what is going on.

Oh - and why the contradiction when I said the Floyd, clearly old giffers, should have ended Hyde Park? Because they were fricking amazing and the kids should be told what they missed.

I feel no reason to be consistent.