Sunday, August 07, 2005

Test Cricket - majestic sport or pathetic waste of time?

Right. Let's start with the basics. In order to enjoy a sport is it quite helpful to understand what is going on and why. For example if you believe that the most successful tennis players are the ones who grunt loudest then you may well be focusing on the most obvious aspect but you have clearly missed the point. Likewise, if you consider that Formula One is just about cars "racing around in a circle" without taking any account of the tires, drivers, finances, strategy, refueling, teams, reliability, overtaking, politics, safety, management, bluffing, performance, advertising, regulation, tracks and, of course, Bernie Ecclestone, then you have likewise missed the point.

But for some reason, Cricket seems to be the sport that most folks reserve their contempt for. Folks seem to dismiss the skill level required as being similar to those of girls playing rounders. Well I certainly never encountered a rounders game when the ball came at me at 100mph. In rounders people stood at their "bases" rather then being positioned by a Captain to compliment a bowler and the batsman that he is facing. If you think Cricket sucks then please watch coverage of the second 2005 Ashes test. The Australians are the World number one and the England team are the world number two. An amazing game with stunning tension and amazing skill. Sport at its best.

It is really just a shame that one team had to lose, but fortunate that it is Australia who are licking their wounds and England who triumphed. Anyone who thinks test cricket is boring after watching this match must be bonkers.


Anonymous said...

Dazza - I like the way you acknowledged the rubbish ness of footie :) Those are the exact reasons I don't even bother with the sport.

Bring on the rugby, cricket and F1!!!

Anonymous said...

Dazza - nor did I mean that footie is outright rubbish. I was referring to the things you mentioned about being overpaid, etc.

Mr Ports said...

Rory - you coward! You should stick to your guns. "...the rubbishness of football...I don't even bother with the sport" and "I didn't say football is rubbish" don't seem to be consistent.

Besides which we should be ganging up on Darren about his lack of understanding of cricket and F1 rather than watching him make childish comments about best football manager of recent times.

Anonymous said...

He may be effective (if a bully) but would still be more appealing as a strawberry...

Rock on Tiddlywinks and Pass the Pigs.


Ricey said...

Football = expensive boring shite. Can anyone really justify giving that twat from Man Utd £120,000 a week? No, thought not. Don't even bother trying, he really is a useless twat.

Cricket is a little more interesting when we are winning. One day matches are more interesting.

Formula One is also an expensive waste of time, used to be very good, now just a bunch of highly paid prima donna's racing for mega funded teams, with the worst of the rest following a few laps behind.

Rugby - not convinced.

But today is the glorious 12th, let's go shoot some grouse!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Mr Ports said...

Erm - So Ricey says the greatest sport is Grouse shooting and then someone quotes a John Lennon lyric. Strange.

Tony C said...

The money imperative in football has turned it into a joke. On the radio this morning a football 'pundit' was asked to predict who'd do well in the upcomoing season. Quick a flash he said...Chelsea, Arsenal and Man Utd. No shit Sherlock! When it's as obvious as that the Premiership's days are numbered or should be.

Ricey said...

Strange doesn't describe it well enough.... barking mad maybe does.

Tony C, I agree - Premiership days are numbered. It has to go wrong at some point. Just like the F1 teams getting a bit shirty with the Gnome Contract-Meister, the Premiership surely has to implode at some point? I know they all got a bit upset & threatened all sorts & Sky paid up, but the teams & owners (like Mr Glazer) will just make more incredible demands.