Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Brain the size of a planet

So I have just got back from the shops where amongs other things I purchaced kitten food for Barney and Boo. At our local Sainsbury's 12 pouches of Whiskers Kitten Food romps in at £3.48. The boys are currently munching their way through 3 pouches each per day, so that is 87p.

A quick check on Jamies's School Dinners finds this quote "2005 In some schools, meals are produced at a cost to the contractor of just 36p per day." So we are paying twice as much to feed the kittens as our schools are laying out to feed the next generation of kids! Given that there is a proven link between diet and educational performance I will have to reassess my expectations and get them booked in for their exams. Althought their specialist subjects of eating, sleeping, squeaking and playing with string may not line them up with a particularly lucrative job :-)

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