Tuesday, August 15, 2006

3rd or 10th Anniversary

Today is Ali and my 10th Anniversary of being together and 3rd Wedding Anniversary. I ain't no mug, I ensured we got married on the anniversary of us stepping out together so that I wouldn't have another date to remember. Ali got me a big book about Doctor Who. Not very romantic but waaay cool. It's called Doctor Who: The Legend Continues and covers all the Doctors and his assistants from William Hartnell to Christopher Eccelscake. Well played The Missus. For my part I'm taking her to a top Barnes restaurant for some top scoff and fine wines.

My Mum and Dad very generously sent us a card and attached a few pennies with the strict instructions that they were to be spent on a "Nice Plant". So still being on holiday today, we took a turn round the local garden centre. This is the fine article (together with pot) that we came up with. I've no idea what it is but it looks nice as instructed. Thanks Mum and Dad xx.


Anonymous said...

Ah! Aint that a pucca Yucca!?

Congratulations! It is my experience, and probably that of my beau, that 3 years can feel like 10 anyhow... and 6 years most certainly feels like 11!! A fine institution, hurrah. ;0)


Anonymous said...

Happy hannyverseries,

Many congrats Mr and Mrs P.(Have to confess we forgot-too busy recovering from a 2 week Baltic cruise.)

Nice plant.All ours are a nice shade of brown.

Imagine -we're coming up to 18 years-no anniversary "pressy" for 18 but 10 is "tin" and 3 is "leather" . Sue xx

Anonymous said...

Cor! Leather! We missed that one!