Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bugaboo Buggered

I just love the opportunity to congratulate excellent customer service. In February Ali and I had selected a Bugaboo combo pram and push chair because friends had advised us that they are worth the extra cash that they cost. We bought it from Mothercare in Kew. We could not believe it when we first used it in anger last Saturday - it broke! After spending several hundreds of pounds on the pram I was really frustrated that we might be without a pram for our 10 day old baby while it was repaired.

But I was pleasantly surprised. I walked into Mothercare and showed them the fault and they immediately said they would replace the faulty base unit. This even involved them opening a base unit of a different colour to get the part I needed. I was out with a fully functioning pram within less than twenty minutes. So well done Mothercare in Kew.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ports - Judging by the weekend papers, Edwina Currie and her daughter did not have such a pleasant time at that store!! P.S. Have now started a blog (a poor mirror of yours!!) http://jj100all4u.blogspot.com/