Monday, April 02, 2007

Help me web experts!

So here is the thing. I love my Dr Who inspired logo for Ports Thoughts. You can see it at here . What confuses me is that sometimes the logo shows up when this web log is viewed but on other times it doesn't. In a previous life I have spent about 10 years working in IT support so I know a few bits and bobs about trouble shooting - but this one has got me floored. Sometimes the logo shows and sometimes it doesn't. I have three machines at home - an Linux Thinkpad T40 Laptop, an AMD WinXPSP2 home machine and a Thinkpad T60p also with WinXPSP2. Depending on whether I use IE or Firefox, sometimes the logo's show and sometime there is nothing. But there seems to be no pattern. When I view the source I see (you will probably have to view source to see the source code - I see this picture in line but the exact same code doesn't show as a logo ... wassat all about?)

removed dodgy code

The HTML seems fine to me but clearly I'm missing something - either about HMTL or my blogging provider Blogger. Either way - if you can help explain or fix the behaviour you will earn a pint of beer. If I know you this will be quite easy - if I don't we'll sort something out.

Update 6th April MW you were correct. There is something odd/wrong/strange about the way Google was hosting the image. I moved it to and it is working now in all browsers on all platforms. So the pint is yours - although it will probably be a can when you pop over to see Lucy :-). Ta Mate.


Anonymous said...

Two things that I noticed.

1. The hosting location for the "Dr Who" logo is differernt than the bulk of the other images on the site, it is pointing at google somewhere, it migh be worth re-uploading the image to a blogspot server.

2. When using a customised template, you need to allow for the CSS template elements to resize you page. If you are using floating images in the template have a look at this article, it talk s about the CSS modifications that are required. The following two articles discuss how to use Blogger hosting to host background images in a custom template and

If you want to get an idea of what exactly you are looking at, download the developers toolbar plug-in for Firefox from here

This will allow you to view all images and CSS elements at the same time so you can decide what modificatons are needed to your stylesheet.


Anonymous said...

Just another thought, the "Dr Who" logo is also very wide, 700x223px, which is nearly the width of the body of the document. As the post moves down the blog and "passes" the left column, basically filling the whole page, it displays correctly. Again may be a problem that can rectified using CSS and a custom element.


Anonymous said...

fucking hell

BTW. Congrats Mr. P