Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Twisted Loyalties

It's a funny thing, if England is playing in a tournament like the World Cup and they crash out (as usual in the semi's) most English fans will start rooting for any of the other British team that are still in the competition. Be it Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland or Wales. However, when our British cousins see their team knocked out they seem to support whoever is playing against England.

What makes me ponder this? Well over the next two days four English Premiership sides are playing in the Champions League, Arsenal and Liverpool tonight and Man Utd and Chealski tomorrow evening. Having supported United for 30 years, I clearly demand that they win the Cup. And yet I'm currently watching Arsenal give Bayern Munich a run for their money and I can't help rooting for United's arch nemesis, even though they have just lost a second goal due to awful defending. But a combination of being the underdogs (now they are 2 goals down) and being Brits mean they get my support. Even when they didn't field a single Brit in the starting line up! And yet if Man Utd were to meet Arsenal later in the competition I would condemn them as the cheating filthy dogs that they are.

And I know I'm not on my own. Several of my mates who are Arsenal fans who normally refer, with boundless wit, to the Reds as 'Moan Utd' or 'Man Ure' have told me that if they cannot win the Premiership they would want Man Utd to win it rather than Chealski. How fickle we footy fans are. (By way of balance, I also know some fans of various teams who would rather cut of their head rather than wish any luck on Ferguson's hero's in any circumstances)

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Mr Ports said...

I'll give you Phill "hoof it" Neville. But Quinton's header to open the scoring against the rampant Everton was quite superb.