Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Lost Travel Card

Ali lost her travel card today :-( To get a replacement, she needed some passport photos. Normally you have to go to a machine and feed it with loads of pound coins to get them, but by the time she had found out she had lost it, it was to late (i.e after the Pub Quiz). So I delved into Photoshop and created these photos. The image was take from a photo that is published elsewhere on this Web Log. I just resized it and painted the background white (as required). I wonder if they will pass the stringent checks? If so the Photo Booths could be a thing of the past and ink jet printing may be the future. Do you think they will pass as pukka passport photos?


Anonymous said...

Probably work in the UK though

Mr Ports said...

As Anonymous correctly suggested, they were accepted. Funnily enough the thing that worried me most was that the official passport web site recommends no smiling :-( But I guess for a Travel Card they are more interested in the dimensions than security.

Anonymous said...

Our passports are supposed to require professional photos which is a challenge when it comes to getting photos for babies/toddles.

My brother took a photo of his lying on the changing mat and then tidied up in photoshop. A quick inkjet to "photo paper" and off to the Passport Office.

Processed without problem

- Ben