Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Strange sign

A notice has been placed outside all the toilets in IBM's Staines offices. It reads, "PLEASE REFRAIN FROM CLEANING TRAINING SHOES IN THESE TOILETS". I guess the exclusive use of upper case letters implies that the person who put this up really thinks this is an important issue. Quite aside from anything else, I don't think I have ever cleaned a pair of trainers. Life is way too short. It's like ironing socks - pointless. I might replace them with one that says, "PLEASE REFRAIN FROM TRAINING CLEANERS IN THESE TOILETS" and see how long before anyone notices.

1 comment:

Ricey said...

I saw these as well & wondered what the hell they were on about? I also agree - who cleans trainers? Please change the signs, I bet no-one from facilities notices for weeks if at all. Best sign I've seen so far has to be this one