Thursday, July 07, 2005

Highs and Lows for London

So yesterday there was euphoria as London came from behind to secure the 2012 Olympics which promises regeneration for the East of London, pride for the entire country and 7 years of focus on sport that may encourage kids to do more exercise so they don't turn into tubbies like me.

And then the horror of this mornings terrorist bombings. Mirroring the atrocities in Madrid last year these were cowardly attacks with no warning at rush hour aimed at the innocent. As Live8 showed, there are proper democratic ways to object to the leadership and of course some communities have every right to resent the G8 leaders. But this wicked carnage and murder is no answer and those responsible will only have galvanised the people of London into defending freedom and democracy. I have been very impressed by dignity and lack of panic that most Londoner displayed today.


Darren said...

It's disgusting that this has happened in a city where only a few days ago thousands of people came together in a bid to make the world a better place. It's even more disgusting that these filthy cowardly beings not fit to be called humans put their twisted beliefs ahead of the lives of honest decent people. What I wish upon the perpetrators cannot be put into words, but it involves thoughts from the very darkest corners of my soul.

It turned my stomach when I think of how often I go into London and how close to home this now is. Tomorrow I was due to go to the place right opposite where the bus was bombed. Another place involved was a tube station and a building where I've been to numerous times over the past year - I hope all the people I made an acquaintance with there emerged unscathed. And I wish for peace, hope and strength for those affected by today's events.

Anonymous said...

Easy Mr P!

The dignity and calm of Londoners was certainly my experience. Occasions like this leave you on a knife edge, and appreciative of EVERYTHING and family and friends!

It was also sobering to ring mum to tell her not to worry only to find that she wasn't at all!! No kiddies the world does not turn around you.

BUT MR PORTS... what about the tabs? Well done pal, keep it up.


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