Wednesday, August 09, 2006


So I got an eMail yesterday saying that my new Thinkpad was ready for collection. One of the nice things about working for IBM is that they keep us Techies on the latest versions of hardware. Of course I'm just starting a fortnights holiday so should have ignored the mail.

Yeah right! Knowing my excellent Thinkpad T40 was going to be augmented by a new T60p was too much for my geekyness to resist. My wife Ali would quite rightly have no truck with me spending a day of our holiday going to the IBM Warwick office to pick up my new hardware. But there is no way I could wait. So a cunning plan was required. How about a cultural visit to Warwick Castle. To be specific this is 1.3 miles away from the IBM offices. The perfect Geek crime :-)

Since I'm using the castle as subterfuge it make sense to take a nice photo of Ali next to a cool tower.

Here I am in the "Portscullis". Oh suit your self :-(

ROCK THE THINKPAD! Of course this is what it is all about. Watch that data move from my old Thinkpad to my new T60p. I guess it doesn't take a genius to realise that Ali wasn't fooled for a second but whilst a bit over commercialised and over priced (£18 per adult!) it was a very pleasant way to spend an afternoon. If you do visit though - don't eat the fish and chips - they cost six quid each and are truly rank :-(


Anonymous said...

presumably you have to have the standard issi xp client on the t60. That is you can't experiment with vista or a linux variant?

Mr Ports said...

Ah ha my anonymous friend, you appear to be confusing me with some sort of non-technical user. I stated out with the standard build but after a couple of days of playing it is certainly no longer standard (or compliant :-).

My old T40 will be converted into a Linux box over the next few days.

I won't be using the '60 for Vista any time soon because it only has 4GB or memory and a 2.16Ghz Intel Core Duo processor so it probably won't be able to pull up Solitaire never mind Aero ;-)

Anonymous said...

Aaw, and Warwick is jolly... apart from the chish and fips naturally!


Anonymous said...

4Gb memory? I've been duped. I'm still waiting for my other 2Gb.

Did your IBM badge get you in to Warwick Castle cheaper ;)


Mr Ports said...

Matt. Well I'm still waiting for the second 2Gb as well but I thought I would use the 4Gb to emphasise the Vista joke.

I didn't think to flash the IBM card. Gah! I'm a fool to myself.miwdt